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Buying or selling a home is stressful enough, without having to worry about an unseen property fault costing you thousands to fix

Just imagine, you are sitting in your living room, your kids are playing, the cricket is on, the adults are debating which local pizza place is the best in town (Pasta Pronto by the way), when all of a sudden, your “attentive” friend sees a massive crack in the wall. You have not noticed it before, and you just bought the place, this is your first gathering. You get the builders in, and they quote you thousands to fix it, at the worst possible time financially.

Sounds far-fetched? According to the Masters Building Association in ACT, shonky building work in the ACT has cost homeowners and investors over $1billion over the last ten years. In 2012, a study by the University of NSW found more than 85% of new apartment blocks, built since 2000 have reported defects. Fair Trading in NSW reported a large number of complaints received relate to residential building work, specifically around poor workmanship, substandard materials and unfinished work. Sadly this is all too common, (even on the Sunshine Coast Qld) and you are at risk, every time you buy.

We are here to help. The team at Building Inspections Noosa are experienced and qualified builders. We use specialised equipment like a thermal camera and moisture metre to inspect your property thoroughly.

It is our job to ensure you are not buying a lemon. Our building and pest inspectors are licensed professionals who are trained to detect anything from termite infestations to structural hazards not aligned with national safety standards. Our reports will identify major or minor defects and safety hazards to allow the purchaser to plan and budget for future maintenance and repairs and identify existing problems before they worsen.

Suppose significant flaws or termite activity is found? In that case, Building Inspections Noosa’s reports provide the knowledge you need to either avoid purchasing the affected property – saving you from stress and financial loss – or assist in negotiating a reasonable price that factors in corrective action that may need to be taken.

To avoid problems and extra costs, later on, you should know as much as you can about the condition of a property before you buy.

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Building Inspections Noosa provides peace of mind, at every step of the process​

By engaging Building Inspections Noosa, you will gain a better understanding of the condition of the property you are potentially purchasing.

You will be provided with a report that will clearly outline any structural, moisture/water ingress and/or termite issues and whether a termite management plan is in place. If any issues are found, we will discuss this with you and offer solutions.

This may be one of the most expensive purchases you will make. It is important that you have as much transparency about the condition of the property as possible.

We believe you deserve a Building & Pest Inspector Advisor who has the years’ of experience to ensure you are fully informed before purchasing.

Here's how a building inspection works:

We make it easy for you.

Before the inspection, we will walk you through the administration process step-by-step and make a potentially complicated process, simple.

After engaging Building Inspections Noosa, we will notify you by email confirming the date and time of your inspection.

There is a pre-inspection agreement which states clearly what is and what isn't covered in a building & pest inspection (AS 4349.1 & AS 4349.3). 

We also send the invoice which ranges between $480 - $580 for a residential property. Prices for rural and commercial premises are negotiated. 

You are invited to participate in the process of the inspection by attending. The walkthrough with our inspector will provide a clearer understanding of what you are buying.

We will point out what is found and offer you a range of solutions.

Our staff are qualified building inspectors as well as licensed builders.

You will receive an easy-to-read report within 24 hours of the inspection and a phone call to discuss findings.

Click the link below to see an example of our 2021 Property Inspection Guide

Why choose Building Inspections Noosa when purchasing a new home or investment property?

We are trusted because of our local knowledge and have extensive industry experience.

Residing in Noosa and as long-term property owners, we are aware of current risks & conditions of our local area. Having a large and varied networking group means we can recommend another service to you if you require.

Our prompt customer service enables property purchasers and investors to get immediate information, critical to property negotiations. Our personable, approachable inspectors communicate their technical knowledge in everyday language. 

Our Building and Pest Inspectors have public liability and professional indemnity insurance so that you can make your next purchase with complete confidence.

Why Choose Us

So, before you commit to signing for one of the most significant investments you’re going to make, you want to know that what you’re buying is safe and structurally compliant

  • Highly experienced and trusted in the Building Inspection industry
  • Local residents with current local knowledge
  • Able to organise plumbing, pool and electrical inspections
  • Repeatedly recommended by Noosa’s leading Real Estate Agents
  • Use all the latest equipment – thermal camera, high-speed digital camera, and moisture metre
  • Encourage buyer attendance and participation
  • We discuss solutions to any building defects found

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Are building and pest inspections that necessary? For most people, buying a home is the most significant investment they will ever make. Save yourself any costly/nasty surprises, speak to our experienced inspectors.

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Most frequent questions and answers

A Building & Pest Inspection is designed to give you independent and objective advice about the physical state of a building. This advice enables you to make an informed decision about whether to purchase a property or not.

Inspection reports are a snapshot in time. Therefore, you should always ensure you refer to a current inspection.

Building inspections are also carried out for vendor clients where a condition report is carried out prior to selling or going to auction. 

A Building Inspection or Building & Pest Inspection should always be carried out by a qualified building inspector and licensed builder. Steve comes with over 25yrs experience in the industry, so you are in expert hands. 

Anyone considering purchasing a property whether residential, investment or commercial. Also, vendors who wish to know of any issues that need addressing before selling their property. An inspection may also be needed if you discover that your home has developed a building defect over time or as a consequence of an incident.

At Building Inspections Noosa, we have a broad client group including:

  1. Home buyers and sellers
  2. Residential property investors
  3. Commercial property owners and investors
  4. Building and construction contractors

Buying a house is one of the most expensive purchases you may ever make. Therefore, it’s important to ensure you are making a well-informed decision regarding the condition of the property before committing yourself and heading into negotiations.

When purchasing a building many people will plan to spend up to their maximum financial capacity to acquire the property.  Without a building inspection these investors and home-owners may then find themselves unable to meet the costs of repair works required to address defects.

Why? An inspection acts as a snapshot in time which identifies safety hazards and any major or minor defects, so an inspection has a number of purposes and benefits. If you are the purchaser, it will indicate the exact state of the property inside and out, identifying any structural issues, termite infestations, water damage/leaks etc, and may assist you to negotiate on price. You want to know that the home you are purchasing is safe and complies with the building Code of Australia.

If you are the seller it will highlight any issues that may need rectifying before placing the property on the market and assist with determining your sale price. It will also identify whether a pest treatment is required before selling.

So, consider the following…

  1. Without expert knowledge of construction methods and materials, many defects are concealed and difficult to detect.
  2. Most people won’t get onto the roof, into the roof and under the floor of a home during their own inspection of a property which may mean potentially significant and costly defects would be missed.
  3. Many individuals don’t have the expertise or time to assess the potential cost and work implications of the defects that are easily identified or obvious.
  4. Interstate investors may purchase property ‘sight unseen’ and a building inspection allows them to get independent advice and information about a property rather than relying on the advice of less experienced people.
  5. You can rely on the findings of a Building & Pest Inspection as they are backed by Professional Indemnity insurance provisions, the advice of a ‘mate’ or ‘friend’ in the building trade doesn’t have the same assurances.
  6. Prevent financial loss which may occur if you find major defects, termite damage or safety hazards.
  7. Determine the rate of return on potential investments given the likely maintenance requirements.
  8. Document the condition of an adjoining property prior to major works which may create unintended damage.
  9. Building inspections are particularly critical when considering that a home or building may have asbestos or other potential contaminants present including mould or lead products which are known health hazards.

Unlike a basic Building Inspection, Building & Pest Inspections identify the potential  presence of termites and possible damage by other timber pests, as well as highlighting conditions conducive to future activity. 

Our Inspector will ensure he examines those out of the way spaces where termite trails etc indicate an issue such as under floors, pergolas, nests in trees located near the house etc. It’s better to know up front without having any nasty surprises down the road.

Once you decide to proceed with your inspection, our friendly office staff will email you the Terms & Conditions along with an invoice. They will liaise with your real estate agent to arrange a suitable day and time for the inspection and once you have responded accepting the T&C’s and the invoice is paid the inspection can proceed.

Building Inspections Noosa covers the Sunshine Coast, from Coolum to Cooroy & all the areas in between.

With over 25yrs experience in the building industry, Steve is a qualified builder and licensed building inspector. His vast knowledge ensures you have an expert guiding you through the experience.

This profession is one that requires continuous learning and on the job experience. When you are looking for who can complete a building inspection for you, ensure you choose someone who is fully qualified and has the necessary experience.

Below is a great example of why you should employ a qualified Building Inspector and licensed builder to inspect your property. Below are some examples of what he will look for:

  • Structural issues which can include internal/external gaps, cracks, splits in walls and signs of movement
  • Timber pest damage
  • Signs of early termite entry, termites in nearby trees, that a termite barrier system is in place and whether there is a current Termite Protection Notice in place
  • Water stains on walls/ceiling/around windows, and signs of mould in kitchen and bathroom cupboards which indicate water ingress
  • Holes in kitchen and laundry cupboards that may provide access for vermin
  • Issues with roof gutters, flashings and downpipes – Blockages & Overflow.
  • Substandard repair/renovation work
  • Correct stair riser height
  • Wood rot
  • Site drainage levels – ponding of water.
  • Issues with exhaust fans – working or not.
  • Inadequate ventilation in the subfloor
  • Incomplete construction
  • Safety issues – handrail & balustrade protection.

Our Inspectors are thorough and depending on the size of the property, access etc; a Building & Pest Inspection ranges from 1- 2 hrs. If it’s a large property or there are issues, obviously this can take more time, but it is better to not rush and ensure your inspection is thorough and inclusive.

We suggest that you should always book a pre-purchase property inspection before entering into a contract. This will allow you the freedom to move on to another property if the one you’re currently interested in has a major defect. If you wish to make an offer, ensure you include a clause that you don’t have to proceed if the property doesn’t pass a Building & Pest Inspection.

To assist you to make a confident and informed decision at auction, organise the inspection as close to the auction date as you can. Better to spend a small amount of money up front for a Building & Pest Inspection to save you a very expensive mistake down the track.


If you don’t do this it could mean that money you set aside for enjoyable things like buying new furniture, renovations and improvements is spent fixing structural issues and leaks etc.


With up to 1 in 5 homes being subject to termite damage at some point in their life cycle and approximately 1/3 of all homes being sold with a major defect of some type it is not worth skipping the building & pest inspection.


In Steve’s career, he has seen many examples where people have purchased a property only to discover after purchase that their budget for their new kitchen is now being spent on making the property water-tight, addressing rising damp or dodgy repair jobs.

If you are planning on purchasing a property, we suggest you seriously consider ensuring a clause is included in your offer that the acceptance is conditional on a Building & Pest Inspection being carried out. This enables you to withdraw if there are any serious issues. We suggest you seek expert advice in regards to how to ensure this is done to safeguard you. They will ensure that any wording indicates that you retain the right to withdraw from the sale without financial penalty should safety hazards or major defects be identified. 

Also consult your Conveyancer about any local state based requirements for settlement processes and your options and your local Council for any information that may be relevant.

Again, the earlier you place an offer, conditional on your Building & Pest Inspection Report, the earlier you can place an offer. In a rebounding market there is often a high degree of competition and many people use Building Inspections Noosa, as with many inspectors in each city, we can get your inspection done quickly and when you need it.

It is important to understand what is generally included and excluded in a building inspection service.  Factors that influence which building inspections we would recommend include:

  1. The location of the property
  2. It’s age
  3. General condition (well or poorly maintained)
  4. The type and condition of essential utilities like electrical, plumbing and gas (additional inspector of that Licence.)
  5. Additional features such as pools
  6. Any particular concerns you have from your preliminary inspection

Your inspection options then include building inspection services like:

  1. General Building Inspection
  2. Building and Pest Inspections
  3. Asbestos Inspections
  4. We offer packages of building inspections that will help ensure you have all the information you need to make a decision.

Unless you know what to look for, termites can be hard to find. Our Inspectors are looking for termite nests, trails or any indication that they have invaded your home. Our Inspectors know the sneaky places to look for termite activity. They will look for entry points to the home and provide you with advice on an invasive inspection to determine the extent of the damage and how to ensure they are treated prior to purchase if you decide to proceed.

Our Inspector will also be looking for evidence of previous termite management/baits on the property. If you are the buyer, you can then decide whether to continue with your purchase, perhaps negotiating termite management and damage repair.

If you decide to not proceed, that is why it is important to have a ‘get out’ clause in your offer. As a vendor you may decide to rectify and/or renegotiate the contract.

Whatever is decided, it is very important that the active termites are left undisturbed and in place until a licensed Pest Control company can carry out treatment and ensure a management plan is put in place.

As a vendor you are much better off to be aware of any issues with your property so they can be rectified prior to placing it on the market. A Building & Pest Inspection is your best way to ensure you know exactly what’s going on with your property. This ensures transparency and the potential buyer will not find the issues during inspection. It’s always best to showcase your home in the best light right off the bat to ensure a quick and favourable sale. 

As a buyer, before you spend a large sum of money, you want the peace of mind you will receive from your Building & Pest Inspection. To ensure a thorough inspection can be carried out the vendor should ensure the following is completed. The purchaser can request that this be done by the vendor.

  • Removing as much clutter as possible from the interior and exterior and putting away small personal effects
  • Ensuring access to all rooms and no doors are locked
  • Ensuring garage remotes are available and the garage is accessible
  • Ensuring access to manholes to enable access to the roof void
  • Ensuring roof voids are clear
  • Moving large furniture from against internal walls
  • Ensuring pets are safely secured

We suggest that the purchaser attend the inspection. This enables the purchaser to ask any questions at completion and the Inspector can discuss any issues he has detected. However, we understand many people are busy and if you’re not able to attend, our Inspector will call you to discuss his findings.

Steve is there to answer all your questions… and no question is too silly to ask! It is important that you completely read your report and by having Steve answer all your questions and concerns you will be better able to understand it in its entirety.

Our Inspectors must comply with Australian Standards and safety regulations and best practice at all times. Therefore, he will highlight any areas of the home that he wasn’t able to inspect due to visibility or access issues. This means that if you have concerns, you as well as your real estate agent, can arrange access to further investigate if needed. We can’t stress enough that is important that you have a full picture of the condition of the building inside and out.

As you can appreciate, we can only report on defects we can actually see (visual inspection only). If our Inspector was not able to get under the house, his report will clearly say this as well as reflect this in his risk assessment of termite activity and other hidden defects i.e, the greater the number of inaccessible areas in a house, the higher the risk of there being issues we have not been able to detect… including termite activity.

Increasingly property buyers are aware of their responsibility to discover building defects before sale – this is known as the Latin principal Caveat Emptor or ‘Buyer Beware’.

Under this common law, the purchaser must make their own investigations of a property as there is no legal obligation for the current owner to disclose anything relating to the quality of the property or the land it is built on.

As a result, home or property buyers that subsequently attempt to seek compensation for defects discovered after purchase will find themselves at a significant legal disadvantage. There is little recourse to compensation for purchasing a property with defects.

The worst case scenario is that you find yourself with a property (and a related mortgage) that is worth significantly less than you bought it for.

A Building & Pest Inspection is consequently a prudent risk reduction strategy in what is likely to be one of the most significant purchases of a lifetime.

Getting a ‘good deal’ on a cheap Building Inspection may not be in your best interest. Remember, you are spending a lot of money. You do not want any nasty surprises and wouldn’t you rather know beforehand if there is a serious issue.

Beware of accepting a verbal report only. Verbal reports cannot be relied on and you may be exposing yourself to significant risk.  Always check insurances and qualifications of the person you engage to carry out the work required.

That old saying ‘You get what you pay for’ is so true. At Building Inspections Noosa, we offer experience, quality, great customer service and value for money. We believe we offer competitive rates and are happy to discuss this with you prior to accepting our services.

At Building Inspections Noosa, our prices range between $480 – $580 for a residential property. Prices for rural and commercial premises are negotiated.

Your building inspector will provide a written report within 24-48 hours of the inspection. The report should describe major faults, defects and damage. In some instances, sellers may not want to undertake repairs during the sale of a property. For buyers it gives them a clear indication of the condition of the property.